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In a nutshell…

I’m an Australian food blogger living in Perth, Western Australia. I started Gastromony in 2009 when I finally realised that I needed an outlet for all my thoughts and opinions; if not simply for personal expression, then for a way to capture moments in my life to share with my children. If ever they need a way to work out whether I’m a sane person or not, I hope this blog gives them some insight!

As for the blog itself, it’s a mixed bag. I have a strong focus on baking, using the Thermomix and Japanese cooking but I do dabble in various other cuisines too. I am fairly health conscious so I generally cook things on the light side (I don’t own a deep-fryer lol) but that’s not to say that I don’t try decadent recipes now and then. I am not vegan or gluten intolerant but as of this year (2013) I have been including a lot more alternative methods for baking and cooking.

I’m not a restaurant review blogger but every so often I’ll feature a restaurant I really, really like but mostly I’ll leave dining shots and commentary for Instagram. I do feature events and outings here and there and I’m planning on going to some cooking classes this year so I’ll most likely feature those too.

Why is this so?

Gastromony literally means ‘lead by the stomach’ which seems pretty apt for a food blog but mostly it’s a play on the word gastronomy and my nickname Moni. I like to call this blog an adventure in cooking and the Thermomix, or gastronomy by Moni :)

Other then documenting my adventures, I also hope this blog gives other people some ideas and inspiration to cook, eat and experience whatever it is that makes them feel glad to have tastebuds. I didn’t actually intend to blog about food but it seemed to creep effortlessly into any topic of discussion. It’s no surprise since food is what keeps us going but more than anything, it truly excites and motivates me. With age I’ve become less concerned about the material and yearn more for the experiential. Food is all about experiencing!

So far I’ve had a fantastic time thanks to Gastromony, from meeting many other like-minded foodies via opportunities such as Eat Drink Blog to extending my virtual social circle. I remember arriving in Sydney for EDB in 2011 and tweeting my excitement to a whole bunch of people I didn’t know personally, and who in turn were excited for me. I was on my own but far from alone.

What should I know about you?

  • I was born in Japan (my mother is Japanese and my father was German) but I’ve lived in Perth since I was 5. I speak, read and sorta write Japanese.
  • I spent many years at university, culminating in a Masters degree after a two-year stint in Tokyo doing research. Those two years forced me to learn how to cook! This was a period of utopia: I had oodles of money, time and the metabolism of a race horse!
  • I worked briefly in PR at the Japanese Consulate and scored a degree in computer science in the process.
  • Through that degree I became a web/graphic designer by profession. These days however, I mostly look after administrative stuff for the business hubby & I run with another business partner. And blog :)
  • I live much closer to Fremantle than the city so I seem to miss out on going to the hyped up eateries but there are a lot of amazing places in my neck of the woods.
  • I am an avid user of the Thermomix. I have had my machine for over three years now and use it serveral times a week, if not every day. I do however recognise its limitations but being about the only hands-on person in my household, the Thermomix has been a great investment and my assistant chef :)
  • I collect Blythe dolls and some Asian Ball-Jointed Dolls. There’s a whole bunch of us in Perth that do the same and we meet every so often to talk about our collection. We are not insane.
  • I enjoy crafts, primarily beading, knitting and crocheting. I combine this hobby with dolls by knitting eeny weeny jumpers.
  • I am a black belt in Karate (Shotokan style). I compete and teach it now :)


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