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Gastromony is a personal blog and I, as its sole author, do not receive remuneration specifically for owning or operating it. In short, my blog is not sponsored by a third party and nor does it exist specifically on behalf of a third party. Gastromony contains independent opinions and original content unless otherwise stated (ie – recipes from other sources).

Unless otherwise stated, all ingredient and product expenses, and costs incurred to dine at or visit an establishment are borne by me. Back-links to third parties (particularly corporations and business) are largely for reference purpose only.

I will from time to time collaborate with a third party (other bloggers, companies and businesses etc.) to deliver content that I feel is both beneficial to Gastromony’s readers and fulfils my personal mission to share ideas and discoveries with other people, both through this blog and other media channels where applicable.

Those such collaborations mainly involve the receipt of goods for me to review or provide as giveaways in accordance with the aforementioned, although in future I may consider appropriate remuneration for any collaboration that I deem as requiring more time and effort than usual.

In either case, as of the 6th of September 2013, all blog posts or activities that arise from my collaboration with a third party will be disclosed clearly, usually on the blog post itself or elsewhere on Gastromony. Blog posts prior to this date will be edited in due course to include disclosure but I welcome enquiries regarding them in the meantime.

Currently Gastromony is not affiliated with any online ad campaign (Google AdSense etc.) or affiliate programme (eBay, Amazon etc.) but this position may change at any time. However, any such change will be disclosed on this page in a timely manner and on other relevant areas. Gastromony has a number of non-monetary based affiliations with various bloggers’ networks which may be disclosed through banners on certain blog pages.

If you have any questions regarding Gastromony or how to go about collaborating with me, please feel free to contact me.

Monica McGuire

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