Best Dessert Recipes

Cider Poached PearsDid you know that October 14th is National Dessert Day? That’s rather timely as I was plotting and scheming this collection of my favourite desserts featured on Gastromony.

People would be forgiven for thinking I have a sweet tooth given how many dessert recipes I’ve worked on over the years. I do enjoy a quality sugar hit (just watch me go wild at Zumbo or Burch & Purchese’s Sweet Studio) but to be honest, desserts are simply much easier to blog about. Quite simply, I usually don’t have to worry about desserts going cold (and therefore to waste) when it comes time to styling and shooting.

Practicalities aside, desserts have a very special place in my stomach. Even when dining out and stuffed from eating a giant dinner, I will still take a peek at the dessert menu. I often don’t even need to order. Just imaging the gorgeous pudding creation is enough to fill me with inspiration. Indeed, one of my highlights from Eat Drink Blog in Adelaide was finding a dessert restaurant!

Here is a collection of my best dessert recipes. It was very nice travelling down memory lane going over these posts and I look forward to working on some more desserts :)

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