Five Cool Food iPhone Apps

So how many gazillion apps are there in the world right now? Many gazillions! However, how many of them are ones you couldn’t dispense with? Here are some food related Apps that I find useful/interesting/entertaining/almost-as-good-as-Angry-Birds:

NB – To find these apps, please enter the title into App Store for iPhone. I would think most of these apps are available for other (almost as) smart phones but given I’m a Mac Fangirl, I’m not finding out for you :P (Sorry…)

TapasTapas Recipes (Carlos Jimenez Galindo, Pay/Free version) is a nifty, easy to use app that features a good number of authentic tapas recipes. There is nothing particularly flash about this app but it doesn’t need to be and newbies to apps will find this a breeze to navigate. The app gives you great looking photos for each recipe, a list of ingredients you’ll need to make it and simple instructions. There are also many recipes for Spanish mains and desserts. Very handy app to have when you can’t lug your beloved copy of Movida around. I haven’t seen an update for this lately but if any improvements can be made, I’d like to be able to list favourite recipes for easy reference.

Korean FoodKorean Food (KBS World, Pay/Free version) is a gorgeous looking app jam-packed full of information about Korean cuisine as well as recipes, written in eleven languages. Recipes have easy to follow instructions as well as photos to guide you. Most include helpful tips and on top of all that, each recipe is categorised according to the type of dish it is (soup, appetiser), the main food it involves (pork, beef, veges) and what season it is typically enjoyed in. You can add favourite recipes as well as share them with friends via email or Twitter. Korean cuisine is pretty underrated in Perth but this app is guaranteed to whet the appetites of those who can’t get over the kimchi hurdle!

Egg TimerEgg Timer (Scott Marsden, 2.49 AUD) is precisely that; an app that helps you boil the perfect egg. I’m not too proud to admit that I usually end up looking up exactly how many minutes it takes to prepare a soft-boiled egg. C’mon. Can you really tell me off-hand how long it takes to boil an egg? (This question is not open to chefs…). Does it matter if it’s been refrigerated? Does the water need to be already boiling? Egg Timer will help you boil the perfect egg of your preferred consistency. You can boil more than one egg at a time, each set at a different level of hardness. Pretty good for me since my family all have different preferences… :|

UrbanspoonUrbanspoon (Free): If you used the first version of the Urbanspoon app a few years back and found it amusing for a few shakes before rapidly becoming bored of seeing the slot machine come up with the same restaurant listings over and over again, then please give this app another go. Along with the website, the app has improved greatly and with more people contributing to the main site, there’s a lot of great reviews and photos you can access on the move. You can still have fun with the slot machine to find yourself a local restaurant, but leaving reviews, posting photos and other interactive features have been improved or included to make this app something that is actually useful. Great for on-the-spot reviews while out :)

EpicuriousEpicurious (Free/Recipe Box – 2.49 AUD): This is another app that is essentially a website gone mobile but what a treat! There’s recipes galore which can be searched by category, ingredients or by any keyword. The app also functions as a nifty shopping list based on the recipes you choose; add a recipe you’d like to try and your shopping list updates with the ingredients you need. Recipes are all rated by users and if you like any in particular you can send them off to the Twitterverse, Facebook or your friends via email. The Recipe Box is an add-on that you can choose to download if you wish to sync your existing database of recipes at Epicurious.com to your phone or iPad.



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