CWA Easy Scones

I keep telling myself that I need to get a copy of the CWA (Country Women’s Association) cookbook. I mean, we’re talking about a collection of tried and true recipes devised by generations of country women. How can you possibly go wrong with that?

CWA Scones

Indeed, I’m happy to report that their easy scones recipe alone is a triumph. I had been madly searching online for a basic, good scone recipe and became almost as frustrated as I got when I was searching for a fudge recipe. So many variations! It therefore came as a pleasant surprise to find a recipe that required a small number of base ingredients and a no-nonsense method.

I’ve since tried other recipes for scones but I always come back to this. I even went through a phase of buying scones but decided that it’s more cost effective to make your own and to be honest, the 5 minutes it takes to prepare the scones is worth it as there’s nothing better than freshly baked ones.

For something different, check out my Manchego Scones with Cherry Jam. Same recipe + grated cheese :D Also, try using broken up scones (especially if a day old) in place of sponge for a special trifle or verrine dessert.

Scones, Jam & Cream Verrine

CWA Easy Scones

The CWA Show scone recipe is simple:
3 cups of self-raising flour,
1/2 cup of cream (for whipping)
between 1 and 1 1/2 cups of milk (add a cup first and see how your dough forms)
a pinch of salt.

If working by hand you would need to cut the cream and milk into the flour and work into a dough but wanting to give my Kitchenaid mixer a job every now and then, I simply place all ingredients into the mixer bowl and gently mix with the paddle attachment.

Once you have a nice, slightly sticky dough that you can still manipulate easily, place onto a floured surface and cut out scone rounds. How big/small depends on your taste. I like petite scones whereas my husband prefers larger ones (vulgar!).

You’ll need to adjust your baking time according to how big your scones are but in general, you’re looking at 10 minutes of baking time in a hot oven (220-230C).

Today I served the scones up with the Berry Farm’s Strawberry & Kirsch jam and King Island double cream. Bliss!



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