The Great Aussie Dinner Debate

Have you considered how much the typical Aussie dinner has changed over generations? is currently running The Great Aussie Dinner Debate just to see exactly where are collective tastebuds are inclined towards in 2012. Do we still have a soft spot for a classic ‘spag bol’ (which ironically was about as exotic as Australia got once upon a time!) or are we getting a little more adventurous with new style Mexican and Asian dishes that extend past Lemon Chicken? It will be interesting to discover the outcome and even see if there’s a State based preference for certain cuisines.

Personally, I remember being about the only kid at my primary school (in the 80s…) who ate rice on a regular basis, with most of my classmates only having the occasional foray through monthly, not-so-authentic Chinese takeaways. Today the supermarket aisles are pretty much a showcase of what the average Australian family is interested in eating at home. There’s easy-to-make Indian and Thai (have you tried MasterChef’s Marion Grasby’s range?) and the spice section is probably twice the size it was a couple of decades ago with the addition of more world flavours.

To see exactly what sort of flavours are floating our boat, the Great Aussie Dinner Debate will feature seven distinctively different recipes per weeknight from its extensive collection over five weeks. This is currently the second week and the voting is already showing some interesting trends. There’s no need to try the recipe in order to vote (you can just select the one that appeals to you most) but I can attest that the recipes are fantastic and easy to make for a weeknight meal. Perhaps if you’ve thought you’d like to try something out of the ordinary this might be a fun opportunity to try. There are also some terrific Beko prizes on offer just for voting.

This week I decided to try the Chorizo and Prawn Penne recipe which I naturally couldn’t help but tinker with, adding some morcilla (Spanish black pudding) and a dash of white wine. It was really delicious and got me using fresh thyme which I normally don’t add to pasta sauces. I’m looking forward to selecting something I normally wouldn’t think of making over the next few weeks. Hopefully you can join in on the Debate too. Let me know if there’s a recipe that really appeal to you :)



  1. ChopinandMysaucepan

    October 29, 2012 at 4:34 pm

    Dear Monica,

    I think spag bol has to be in there somewhere. Other than that, I think meals like steaks on the BBQ and simple stir fries would be quite popular too.

    • Monica

      October 29, 2012 at 7:04 pm

      Yes, I think it’s as much to do with lifestyle as cultural backgrounds or leanings in terms of what we put on our plate. I’d say most of us fire up the barbie come summer time in favour of doings pots of curry.

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