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Wow… It’s been well over a month since I last posted to my blog. This relatively giant lapse probably isn’t that surprising since I had hinted in previous posts that life was getting just a little bit hectic. However, little did even I know then that August would deliver some major challenges and distractions. If months could be given awards, August 2014 would easily take the title of Most Drama/Emotion/Adrenalin Packed.


I won’t go into a lot of detail since the most serious issue that occurred last month didn’t happen to me, but my husband. He became ill while we were away for the weekend in Pemberton which, for those not familiar with WA, is a four hour drive from the city. Anyway, we couldn’t have asked for a better outcome from a medical situation that I know can turn out much, much worse. We’re very grateful for the various (and mostly voluntary) support and assistance we got that weekend, as well as the care my husband received thereafter.

A week after this happened, I did my black belt grading for karate; something I had been training hard for all this year. Naturally I wasn’t too worried about missing it given what happened to my husband but once he was stable, he urged me to go ahead as planned. Any nerves I may have had about completing a four-hour grading dissipated in light of knowing that I was lucky just to be able to contemplate turning up on the day. I was in great spirit and with the support of The Bestie and many karate friends, I managed to make it through. I can’t describe how happy I was when my last sparring bout ended!


In amongst all that, we still made it over to Perisher for our annual family ski trip, then endured a little more health stress (my father-in-law this time, but he’s doing ok now). We also persevered with our never-ending house build, while I fulfilled some commission orders for my Blythe hats and rescued my poor neglected blog from hackers (keep your WordPress plugins updated!!). I was hoping to make it over to Brisbane for Eat Drink Blog 5 this month but alas, I had to draw the line somewhere for the sake of sanity.

So where am I at? Life’s great. I have no complaints and certainly least of all now after what August presented. I have to admit that I did start considering what my biggest priorities in life were and where Gastromony was wedged in the giant pile of things that mattered to me. To be honest, I wondered what life would be like if I took a hiatus from blogging. Would I miss it? Had I perhaps even lost my mojo for cooking given I subsisted on protein shakes and electrolyte drinks for the last few months?


I think I’ll know the definite answer in months to come. Once the details of our house build are nutted out for the last time and there is talk of a slab being poured, I can go back to focussing on just a handful of things again and the spare time to explore food will surface once more. Needless to say, I love food as much as ever and cooking is still a joy. Finding the spare time to write about it is another matter at the moment!

One thing I do know for sure is that there will be shift towards healthier eating and baking on Gastromony. I’ve got a bigger reason than ever before to be mindful of nutrition and since I’m not exactly getting younger myself, there’s no better time than the present to focus on good eating. Ironically, our family has always eaten healthily but I’ve had cause to be just a little bit more mindful. I’m certainly never going to be a ‘sugar hater’ but I won’t be buying packets of Tim Tams as casually as I might have before.


So for now, I’m signing off still as a blogger but not knowing if I’ll post again next week or next month. I’m hoping next week since school holidays will start this weekend, and I’ve got a lot of great ingredients and recipes to play around with, but I’ll just see how things pan out. For the time being, I thought I’d share my simple discovery of oatmeal pancakes using leftover porridge.

Over winter, my husband had porridge via Thermomix every morning, and every morning I would end up with about half a cup of the stuff clinging to the TMX bowl. The leftover was usually too hard, cold and insufficient for my own breakfast but if I didn’t eat it, then cleaning the bowl involved a good Turbo burst or ten with water and detergent, and usually half a day of soaking. Rather than waste the oaty goodness, I had a light bulb moment one morning and threw in a cup of flour, an egg, a dash of milk and a tablespoon of sugar into the bowl. I blitzed the lot on Speed 4 for ten seconds and voila, some pancake batter and an easier bowl to clean!

These pancakes aren’t as light and fluffy as those made just with flour but with a good serve of homemade fruit compote and creme fraiche, it wasn’t something you really noticed. Porridge season is over in our household now but you can bet I’ll be doing this again next winter.

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