Pistachio Drops with Cloudberry Jam

I hadn’t been to Ikea for a while (the Perth store being the largest in the southern hemisphere, I might add) so when my car was getting a couple of new tyres put on at a workshop nearby, I scored a lift to the land of the mighty Allen key. As it was the school holidays (and a rainy day at that), Ikea was invaded by families seeking free entertainment and cheap eats.

My husband gave me express instructions not to buy anything that would ultimately end up in a skip bin in two years’ time. He needn’t have worried as I was only after one thing from Ikea: licorice laces.

Sadly I was informed that Ikea was no longer bringing in licorice laces. Instead, I bought a packet of toffee flavoured laces, a pack of Daim, a can of organic sparkling pear juice and a jar of cloudberry jam.

I actually had no idea that cloudberries actually existed. I had come across the word via the cookbook Falling Cloudberries by Tessa Kiros but didn’t imagine that they were more than a dreamy sounding imagined fruit. Real they were indeed. Ikea had a short write up on the berries and apparently they are fairly hard to come by which therefore means they’re not cheap. This fact was reflected in the cloudberry jam being $8.50 when other jams were around $4.00.

On getting my jam home and tasting it, I was a bit sad to find that it basically tasted like apricot jam with seeds in it. There was nothing too distinctive about its flavour but it did have a pleasant tartness. I had wanted to try out Elizabeth Falkner’s recipe for Mexican wedding cookies but as I only had pistachio nuts in the pantry, I decided to modify the recipe to create light, melt-in-your-mouth pistachio drops. To add some zing to the drops, I popped in a dollop of the cloudberry jam in the centre.

The result was a gorgeous cookie with a lovely pistachio flavour and a centre of sweet and sourness.



  1. Eino

    September 27, 2011 at 9:09 am

    Ikea is the wrong place to try Clouberry jam. Their version is a bit like “home brand” if you know what I mean, lots of gelatinised water or mild juice.
    The real kind is either full c/b or c/b mixed with apple as the real taste is quite overwhelming.
    My mouth still water even thinking about it after 40 years away from scandinavia and I am in the process of ordering online myself my once a decade treat of c/b jam.
    Here Ikea sells for about $7 but real c/b jam is around $14 locally.
    Give it another try, if you do a Wiki search you will also discover it’s other names and find that you can buy it from other sources as well. For instance Bakeapple from Canada of north US.

    • Monica

      September 30, 2011 at 11:40 am

      Thanks for that! I didn’t think I was going to get the real deal at Ikea but I can’t say I’ve seen it anywhere else in Perth :| You’re right in that I am pretty sure they used other fruit pectin to make the jam. I will have a search online for real Cloudberry jam. Your comment has made me think I should definitely know what it’s really like :)

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