Short and Sweet

I don’t know where the time is going lately but between keeping my lovely son occupied during the school holidays and helping hubby transform our sandpit (aka our backyard) into a lush, Bali-style garden, I’ve rarely had a moment to sit and blog. I’ve put together a few bits and pieces in the kitchen but nothing worthy of a major blog job I’m afraid. Still, I thought a few of my low-key tasty treats deserved a mention so here we go.

Every so often I go on a low GI diet to try and get my body back into balance and burning energy efficiently. This is often after a period of massive sugar consumption such as Christmas and Easter. Snacks and treats are a must for me so I whipped up a batch of muesli cookies. We’re a muesli eating family but no one really enjoys eating the dregs sitting at the bottom of the cereal box. Now I know what to do with the somewhat stale, crushed up bits of muesli. A small dob of butter and a 1/4 cup of sugar (you can use the new low GI sugars), one egg, a little honey and a cup of reject muesli. Easy!

Next up, an easy dessert using leftover panettone from the festive season. It’s basically a bread and butter pudding but the process is super simplified given panettone has a whole lot more flavour than your average loaf of bread. I layered slices of buttered panettone in a heatproof dish and prepared a custard mixture of egg, sugar, cream and milk. I poured the mixture all over the panettone, sprinkled some demerara sugar on top, and baked the lot in a medium oven until the custard set nicely. Very nice served warm with custard. Even in summer!

Finally, an experimental tart that I’ll be working again later, particularly in the presentation area but in terms of taste, I think I’m on a winner. I used Elizabeth Falkner’s recipe for a warm chocolate tart but added a lovely, gooey layer of pecan caramel. We won’t talk about the shell because I didn’t have time to make one up from scratch and relied on Ms Sara Lee… Ah well. Next time.

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