White Castello & Smoked Bacon Risotto

One of the reasons I was convinced that I should have a Thermomix was the fact that this wonder machine can make fool-proof risotto in a flash. Of the many times I have tried making risotto on the stove, I probably only succeeded 2 out 5 times. Not particularly good odds given I like to use some very luxe ingredients in risottos.

I tried every tip imaginable (hot to boiling stock, stirring continuously, stirring minimally) and every type of risotto rice obtainable in Perth. I still ended up with a gluggy mess or a bowl of semi-crunchy rice. The Thermomix was an absolute God-send. I was in total awe at my demonstration when a batch of delicious mushroom risotto appeared seemingly out of nowhere. It tasted amazing and the rice was cooked to perfection.

I was at home all day yesterday and since I had spent the previous week in Bali doing absolutely no cooking, I was rather keen to get my TMX out and give another risotto a go. I had bought some smoked German bacon (kaiserschinken) and thought I’d match it up with some white Castello cheese and a sprinkling of baby peas.

I sauteed some diced onion and garlic in the TMX before adding about 150g of the smoked bacon (chopped into 1cm cubes). I made up the risotto as per the standard recipe and added about two thirds of a half-round of Castello (I think you could put a whole half-round in for a more defined Castello taste) and a 1/3 cup of frozen pea at the last minute of the cooking process.

The result was a tasty risotto with amazing flavours. The salty, smoky bacon worked well with the mellow Castello and the baby peas added a nice sweetness too. I sprinkled a bit of shaved parmesan and cracked pepper over my serve and sighed with happiness. Yay Thermomix!



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