Cupcakes with Meringue Frosting

I am a huge fan of Elizabeth Falkner and her book Demolition Desserts. Adriano Zumbo may have come to our attention recently in Australia as being the king of quirky but unbelievably delicious sweets but using sweet corn and other unexpected ingredients in desserts is nothing new to Falkner.

While I haven’t been game to try out her more elaborate and ambitious recipes, I do like her line up of cupcakes and accompanying frosting. In one recipe she uses a lovely meringue based frosting that is fluffy and can be manipulated into shapes. Sadly, I think on the two occasions I’ve tried her recipe, I’ve used the Thermomix which, while still worship-worthy, is not the tool for making super stiff meringue out of only two egg whites. I’ll go back to my trusty hand-held mixer the next time I try making meringue frosting.

The meringue frosting I was left with was absolutely gorgeous in taste but the texture was more or less like liquid marshmallow. Not a bad thing but not particularly useful for trying to sit on top of cupcakes. Undeterred, I went on and made some lovely pink cupcakes and a punchy, lemon-lime batch.

I’m hoping to perfect the meringue frosting as I’d like to team it up with some marron glace and puree to make a Mont Blanc style cupcake in the near future. For the time being, I’ll go back to working with buttercream and hard icing.

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