Easy Poached Chicken

I only just got the irony of doing this healthy eating blog right after espousing the virtues of warm winter desserts (like steamed puddings). Alas, the cold weather has so far has seen me & hubby tuck heartily into stodgy, nourishing food without engaging in the commensurate amount of exercise. We’re sadly just not courageous enough to battle the cold wind and rain to get our daily run/walk/ride in. Doona + Good food = Spare tyre.

As I really didn’t want hubby’s massive effort over summer to buff up to be in vain (he’s also quit smoking so biscuits seems to find themselves into his mouth instead), I decided to hide my supply of butter, cream and chocolate. I needed to make low fat protein meals that would help to offset any of the stodge that winds up on hubby’s plate during ‘business’ lunches. Ahh, the good wife :)

You really can’t beat poached chicken breast if you’re after a filling, low fat and versatile meal ingredient. You can shred the cooled breast for sandwiches and salads, or serve gorgeous little slices of warm breast with veges and a light sauce. With a tinker of the poaching liquid, you can make the meal an Asian experience instead; serve up sliced breast meat with rice and accompanying sauces (almost Hainanese!).

For tonight’s meal, I did up a basic poached chicken breast and served it up with some fresh salsa verde and lightly sauteed veges. Can’t get much healthier than that!

Easy Poached Chicken

One good sized breast of chicken (you can do a while chicken of course but cooking time will be at least 14-15 minutes)
Spring onion (one stalk)
A few slices of ginger
Two or three cloves of garlic
2 tbsp of salt
Pepper to taste
One bay leaf

To make: Put all ingredients except chicken into a medium saucepan and fill half way up with water. Bring to a hard boil and allow ingredients to release flavours for about 15 minutes. Bring down to a low simmer and place chicken breast into water, ensuring the entire breast is covered. If not, add some more water. Allow to simmer gently for 10 minutes then take off heat. You can check how cooked through the breast is by cutting into centre. If there is some pinkness, just let the chicken rest in the hot water for a couple more minutes before refreshing in cold water. Remove from water and cut into slices.

For a simple salsa verde, I processed up a handful of basil & parsley, a tablespoon full of capers & cornichons, a slice of anchovie, salt and pepper to taste and a good dash of olive oil. Serve with chicken :)



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