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Spring Update for Gastromony

Well it was high time my poor neglected blog got some much needed love and a fresh update! Nothing has changed too dramatically but I’m hoping the layout is a little more clear and generally a lot more fun for the eyes. If it looks a little more magazine-like than before then I’m on the right track!

White Chocolate Latte - Gastromony

Still having fun mucking around with my Thermomix. I made some caramelised white chocolate which I added to some chai latte.

No, I’m not turning Gastromony into a foodie magazine but I am moving it towards being a blog that not only features my own recipes but also curates the many amazing food ideas and recipes that already exist online. I’m also keen to include fun food-related posts that cover topics I’m personally interested in. Hopefully they’ll appeal to my readers too :)

The reason behind this change of tack is mostly due to my ever diminishing supply of spare time. I’ve no doubt bored many readers by prefacing every blog post this year with a mention of how busy I’ve been. Karate and making doll hats ended up being more time consuming than I imagined they would be at the start of this year. On top of that, there’s my work and family life to consider as well.


My son’s birthday involved the quick and easy alien cookies. I can’t believe once did full decorative cakes for birthdays!

I really had to think long and hard as to whether I had time for blogging anymore, as much as I enjoyed working on Gastromony. It took a month of tinkering with some new web projects for work to come up with a solution for Gastromony. Right in front of my face, I discovered a great way to maintain a blog with just a handful of hours here and there.

I’m hoping that this way I can still contribute to the food blogging community without feeling like I have to commit to a full recipe post every time I log on, especially as a recipe post can take a good week to produce sometimes. I still have massive love for food, so combined with my fondness for using the Internet to find great resources, I aim to share my discoveries through Gastromony.

IMG_4695 (1)

This is how I enjoy Saturday nights these days. Max Brenner chocolate fondue with berries :)

Once my world settles down a little more I’m hoping to start an entirely new blog project that will focus on aspects of food that I love the most, but more about that another time.

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