Ghoulish Pumpkin Finger Cookies

With the house move largely done and dusted, I can start focussing on cooking and blogging again. Well… Maybe we’ll insert ‘sort of’ into that sentence. Unfortunately there’s still a few things I ought to be doing instead of playing in the kitchen but when a Sweet Adventures Blog Hop rolls around, I can’t resist. This month’s hop is appropriately themed ‘Trick Or Treat, It’s Halloween!’ and hosted by JJ from 84th and 3rd.

 Ghoulish Pumpkin Finger Cookies

This month’s effort is short and sweet but dare I say, it will please children no end. What kid isn’t going to want a cookie that looks like the finger of some unholy orange beast? Who cares if it contains pumpkin? Mwahhhahahah…


I did wonder if using pumpkin for a Halloween themed hop was a bit unimaginative (heck, I made gorgeous green cupcakes with Chlorophyll Paste last year!) but given JJ is a vegetable enthusiast, it was a no brainer. Besides, pumpkin in baked goods is just soooo good!

Initially, I was hoping to make a crisp, cookie cutter dough for my Halloween themed cookies but I had my doubts this could be achieved with pumpkin in the equation. True enough, even though the dough rolled OK, my test batch came out more cake-like than crispy. I turned this cookie fail right around though when I remembered a friend of mine making ghoulish finger cookies for a Halloween party once. Perfect solution!

Ghoulish Pumpkin Finger Cookies

I’ll still work on a crispy pumpkin based dough (I might dehydrate the pumpkin a little next time) but for now I’m happy to have had some fun for this hop and hopefully I’ve given people some ideas if they’re ever stuck with uncooperative cookie dough this time of the year :)

Thanks for hosting a fun hop again JJ!

Ghoulish Pumpkin Finger Cookies

The basic recipe for the cookie can be found at the Clabber Girl website however I used steamed pumpkin which had as much moisture removed from them as possible (drained, wrapped in kitchen paper towel etc.). I may have simply needed to have used less pumpkin or roasted it instead. I’ll update this post if I achieve a crispy cookie!

For fingers, just form finger lengths of cookie dough (about 1.5 cm in width and 2cm in height to accommodate any spreading) and place blanched almonds at the tip for fingernails. Use a knife to draw lines for knuckles and otherwise shape accordingly. These aren’t meant to look pretty so the more gnarled the better!



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