Low Fat Brownies

Well by good I mean relatively so. I came across a recipe for ‘lite’ brownies at the Peter McInnes site and figured I’d give it a go since I had the right amount of high quality dark chocolate sitting idly in the pantry. I was also keen to use my Kitchenaid stand mixer and see what a difference it would make to my baking experience. And how! It’s like having another set of hands!

I wouldn’t call this a dieter’s dream given the amount of chocolate used and eggs but it’s certainly much lower in fat thanks to the use of light cream cheese instead of butter, and cocoa to boost the chocolate’s intensity. The amount of sugar used is also perfect. I find that some American recipes are just OTT with sugar though many would say that that’s the point! I won’t even begin to argue with tradition but I need a bit more moderation personally.

DSC01241Anyway, the outcome was a batch of nice, moist brownies that screamed chocolate. I actually only used one egg white but the end result didn’t really suffer from it. Next time I bake this brownie I’ll be less precious about egg whites (I was making marshmallow next) and see if it makes a marked difference. Otherwise if you’re low on eggs, this recipe should be quite forgiving even if you omitted one whole egg.

My tip? Nothing other people wouldn’t already know but using the best quality chocolate is paramount. Yes, it’s just the humble brownie we’re talking about but it’s more than worth spending the extra dollar or two on a block of the good stuff rather than settling for bog standard cooking choc. I also used Spanish cocoa which gave added oomph to the recipe.

Now to make a batch without nuts so my son doesn’t leave pecan bits lying around the house…


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