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Handy Uses For Cornstarch

There are some pretty nifty uses for cornstarch, even beyond the kitchen

If you make a lot of gravies, sauces and custard, I’m betting you’ve got a trusty box of cornstarch in your pantry. However if you’re more of a gravy-from-a-pouch-pack person, cornstarch probably has little to no use for you. Until now!

Gluten FreeI personally enjoy using cornstarch (or cornflour outside of North America) for more than just rescuing watery sauce fails. It gives a different, airier texture to biscuits for example, and it can also be added to other things like omelettes to give it more volume without adding weight like regular flour.

I never used cornflour in baking much until I came across the recipe for Mushroom Cookies in the amazing Turkish Bakery Delight cookbook. I loved the result so much that I used cornflour quite a bit, especially when making gluten free goodies (check out these tasty looking gluten free Graham Crackers).

Let’s learn a little more about this underrated pantry hero and its many uses.

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