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Handy Uses For Cornstarch

Crisp & Light – For batters, replace around a third of your flour content with cornstarch for a more crisp result. I did this with my gluten free waffles :D

Gluten Free WafflesOdour Wizard – Cornstarch is great for removing nasty smells from stinky sneakers, funky doggies and rank underarms. Just apply liberally, leave for as long as appropriate or possible, then dust off.

Greasy Problem? – If you dropped some fried chicken on your jeans, just place a small mound of cornstarch over the grease spot and it will absorb the oil. Cornstarch is a good solution for grease stains on surfaces that are hard to treat such as leather.

Wonder Ointment – Cornstarch can be used to relieve the symptom of insect bites, sunburn, skin irritation and nappy rash.

Fun For Kids – Cornstarch can be mixed with water and food colouring to make a safe, natural finger paint replacement. Great for face painting as well but go easy on the food colouring!

Smooth Operator – Finally, something I discovered through my doll collecting is that cornstarch is great for making plastic doll legs smooth enough to slip doll stockings and leggings over. Similarly, you can use cornstarch to help separate anything sticky.

Now run to your supermarket and grab a box of cornstarch! (Just kidding!)

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