Matcha White Hot Chocolate

We’re well and truly heading towards summer here in Perth so the last thing I really wanted to have to drink tonight was a hot chocolate but the lure of doing something with matcha and a white chocolate Lindt ball convinced me otherwise.

I had made some vanilla and green tea marshmallow recently which were a treat! I then got the idea to use them as a subtle enhancer to a classic hot white chocolate. So tonight, the matcha white hot chocolate was born!

DSC01279I melted one white chocolate Lindt ball on low heat in the microwave and added some sweetened condensed milk. You don’t need to add the condensed milk but I do like its intense milky flavour and it’s certainly flavours the white chocolate better than plain sugar in my opinion. If you don’t like things too sugary then omit the condensed milk or sugar. The white chocolate Lindt ball is sweet enough and there are marshmallows to come.

Heat up a cup of milk until it’s hot and frothy. Add some of the hot milk to the melted chocolate mixture until well combined. Pour the mixture into a drinking cup and then add the remaining milk. Drop a couple of matcha marshmallows on top and add a sprinkle of matcha powder. Stir and enjoy.

Overall, it’s a very sweet drink once the marshies melt but very luxe. The matcha marshmallow and powder give a subtle hint of green tea flavour which was exactly what I’d hoped to achieve. I’ll be doing this again, albeit closer to next winter…

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