Pigs in Doona

Man. I have barely had a moment to sit down and Tweet, let alone get a full blog post in but I figured I’d better get this one done before we start preparing for our trip to the US next month.

We’ve just had another lovely slice of winter overnight and our yard looks well windswept with assorted leaves and twigs scattered about. We do desperately need rain but Perth never seems to it in a nice even dose over the course of a week; we just get winter completely dumped on over 12 hours and then the sun comes out again. It just doesn’t feel truly wintry.

Pigs in Doona

Nonetheless the weather is cooler so I’ve taken delight in pulling out all the winter recipes such as slow cooked beef cheeks (or osso bucco) and green tea latte. Something else I enjoy in the chillier months is Japanese style buns which I normally do with caramelised shallots, Japanese mayo and provolone cheese.

Pigs in Doona

My children bought me Nigella Bites for Mother’s Day and on my first flick through, I noticed that she had a recipe for Pigs in Blankets. The kids got quite excited by this as Master Seven in particular had come to know them thanks to Two And A Half Men (the episode where Jake smuggles some Pigs in Blankets from a wedding). I decided to try making some but the result didn’t please my children one bit. Nothing wrong with Nigella’s recipe but I had overcooked my sausages and the bread ‘blanket’ was a bit hard.

Pigs in Doona

I then decided that my pigs should snuggle in doonas instead; fluffy, soft and warm. I prepared some pork chipolatas by lightly cooking them on a medium fry pan and throwing a tablespoon of water and covering with a lid briefly. This helps cook the sausage through but keeps the sausage moist and soft. I covered the sausages with foil to let cool down slightly.

Following the recipe used for my Japanese style buns, I prepared a batch of dough and once proved, I divided it into six and flattened the portions into oval shapes. I placed a sausage in the middle and added some caramelised onions (this batch I did up with some golden syrup and Spanish sherry), pieces of provolone cheese and bit of Kewpie mayonnaise. For the kids, I made some with regular shredded cheddar. A quick brush with a milk & egg wash and they were ready for the oven.

Pigs in Doona

What came out of the oven were wonderfully soft and squishy buns that the whole family enjoyed. These buns are best eaten straight from the oven but I rather enjoyed the leftovers the next day too :)

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