Short and Sweet 2

I have no idea where January went or for that matter, the first half of February. I don’t even want to look at what date my last blog was born! It’s not so much that I haven’t been cooking (I’ve been baking up a storm), but taking over some jobs while staff took leave, getting a new camera (Nikon D5000) and a very expensive kitchen appliance (Le Thermomix) have somewhat derailed me. Can’t do everything sadly and blogging became the first casualty.

I am looking forward to starting up a new blog soon though and while I’m at it, I may end up converting into this year as a good chunk of my blogs here are related to food. I do love retro things but ultimately I enjoy food and Japanese things the most (a hint as to what is coming in my new blog I guess :)

For the time being, my two latest offerings that I actually captured on film. A lovely chocolate cherry coconut slice which I call a real cherry ripe because I used real cherries soaked in cherry syrup instead of those horrid glace things. I also used my Thermomix to bake a simple Portugese custard tart. It’s no brain surgery to make the latter but succeeding in one recipe should see me do some weird and wonderful things with other dishes in the future. Here’s hoping!

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