Welcome 2014 + Christmas Pud Ice Cream

Firstly, I’d like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and all the very best for 2014. I can’t believe how fast 2013 blitzed past! Having school-aged kids certainly does speed things along as their social life and extra-curricular activities amp up. I’m hoping 2014 ambles along at a slower pace but with our house plan finally near completion, I think it’ll be reasonably busy.


That in mind, I’ll be taking advantage of January and enjoying my sleep-ins (8am at the latest mind you) and not having any pressing engagements. I even took short hiatus from blogging which was much needed too. Gastromony is by no means a chore or a job but like anything, a break is essential. Now, on the second day of 2014, I feel ready to spend some time exploring the world of food again.

Before I do, I think I’ll make an informal list of things I’d like to achieve in the New Year. I know it’s customary to propose a New Year’s Resolution but the focus often seems to be on giving up vices or self-improvement. I think I’d rather reflect on all the positives of 2013 and aim to do more of the things I enjoyed. So in 2014 I plan to:

  • Work more with all the cookbooks I’ve accumulated over the years by writing up some short reviews and recipe highlights.
  • Use the Thermomix more often (if that’s possible!) and make more Japanese recipes in the TMX as promised for 2013.
  • Spend less money by recycling, re-gifting and re-purposing.
  • Train hard and get my black belt in karate and therefore work on some low carb/sugar/fat meals and treats.
  • Finally start selling things I make such as felted helmets/hats for collectible dolls.

I can see myself adding to this list later this month but for now, it’s a start :)


Trio’s doll with my helmet :) Photo courtesy of Trio

OK. Closing with a simple recipe that I promised to post for my fellow blogging friend Ms Ag. If you have any leftover Christmas pudding or cake that you’re sick of eating, then try this. This ice cream has an amazing flavour that goes well with the pudding mixed through it. It’s a mixture best made up in the Thermomix but not hard to make up on the stove either. I just need a reminder to make it again for next Christmas.

Christmas Pud Ice Cream

2 egg yolks
250g cream
250g milk (I used hi-lo for a less rich ice cream)
130g caster sugar
rind of 1/2 orange (keep pieces as large as possible)
pinch of salt
2 tsp butterscotch schnapps or similar liqueur
100g Christmas pudding or cake, crumbled

To Make: Place all ingredients into TMX bowl and cook for 5 minutes on 80C on Speed 3. Prepare an ice bath in the meantime to cool off mixture. Add schnapps at end of cooking time and remove rind. If rind has broken down, I recommend passing the mixture through the sieve. Transfer mixture in a bowl smaller than your ice bath bowl and allow to cool down before transferring to fridge to chill properly. If you do not have an ice cream maker, you can place straight into the freezer for 3-4 hours. Remove from freezer and cut up ice cream into chunks to transfer back into TMX. Process semi-frozen ice cream on Speed 9 for a 20 seconds then 10 seconds on Speed 4. Add crumbled pudding or cake and combine briefly on Speed 3 for a few seconds. Transfer ice cream to sealed container and return to freezer. If using an ice cream maker, place the fully chilled ice cream mix into the machine’s bowl and follow instructions for your ice cream maker. At the end of the process, mix through the crumbled pudding or cake and transfer ice cream to a sealed container and place into freezer.

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