Creamy Prosciutto & Shimeji Mushroom Pasta Sauce

I had huge ambitions to try my hand at homemade ravioli tonight but having a massive power nap and therefore a late start to getting out into the outside world this afternoon resulted in my stocking up on some store bought (and usually God-awful) ravioli to offer my husband tonight. This meant that I needed a kick-ass sauce to smother the living daylight out of the ravioli.

I was well prepared; prosciutto, shallots and a lovely punnet of Shimeji mushroom, something I hadn’t seen in a good amount of time. There’s nothing notably different in the flavour of Shimeji mushroom but they are cute as pie and certainly a bit more interesting than button mushrooms. I also had my mighty Thermomix to get all this happening in a flash. Very important as my husband gets quite testy when hungry :D

I diced the shallots (2 large ones) and garlic (one clove) on speed 5 for a few seconds and added slices of prosciutto (80g worth) and ran the mix on speed 5 for another few seconds. You certainly don’t want your prosciutto shredded so be careful! I sauteed the shallots, garlic and prosciutto at 100C for 2 and a half minutes on speed 1. At this stage, the aroma is amazing! I then added 220g of cream, a dash of vodka (you can use white wine instead, either way the alcohol will cook off) and half a teaspoon of TMX Vegetable Concentrate (you can season normally otherwise). I cooked the creamy mix at 100C for six minutes on reverse/soft. At this point I added some diced zucchini and shimeji mushrrom (about a cup’s worth of veges) and a tablespoon of corn flour to thicken. I cooked for a further two minutes on the same setting. Serve over your favourite pasta and enjoy :D

Verdict: Hubby didn’t even notice the inferior ravioli. In fact, nor did I! The sauce was lovely. Thanks TMX!

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