Crepe ‘Pasta’

Every month I look forward to finding out what the next Sweet Adventures Blog Hop theme is and conjuring up new recipe idea to fit the theme. Some themes find me arriving at a recipe quite easily whereas others have had me thinking for a fair while. June’s theme fell into the latter category with hostess Heather (The Capers of the Kitchen Crusader) challenging us to make something sweet in a frying pan.

Crepe 'Pasta'

So surely I’d make pancakes or crepes then? Easy! Well they were certainly options but I do enjoy viewing Sweet Adventures as an opportunity to think outside the box (or pan this time). I considered everything from a fry pan tarte tatin to making up some Japanese Dorayaki (azuki bean paste filled pancakes) but ultimately I couldn’t shake my urge to make crepes again.


Interestingly, the last time I made crepes was for the Layer Upon Layer blog hop (also hosted by The Kitchen Crusader) where I made a kind of Baumkuchen with layers of crepe. Prior to that it was years since I last got the wooden crepe gadget out (is there even a name for it?). Since childhood, crepes were something I tended to look forward to when I visited Michele’s Crepe Suzette at Fremantle Markets so I rarely made them at home. Of course, when I did, they were devoured very easily, being so thin and delicious…

Crepe 'Pasta'

So what to do with crepes this time? I wanted to try something unique and the idea of making fettuccine-like pasta strips from crepes came to mind. As I also had a gorgeous bag of Meyer lemons begging to be used, I envisioned some delectable lemon curd (via Tenina) working into the recipe. Before I knew it, the crepe pasta was born!

Crepe Pasta

My trial run was heartily gobbled up by hubby so I figured I was on the right path. What I did was lightly heat through the crepe pasta in a frypan with slightly browned butter on low/medium heat. At the last minute I tossed in some slices of fresh strawberries and bananas, then a dash of vodka before setting it all alight. After all, what’s a crepe without some flambée action?

Crepe Pasta

If you decide to try this, please note that the key is to not overheat the crepe pasta. It’s already been cooked so you’re just aiming to warm it through gently and dress it with the browned butter. The sliced fruit also don’t need a long stint in the pan and there’s also no need to flambée the crepe pasta if you’d rather not. You most definitely can’t leave out the lemon curd though! It’s the sauce :)

The crepe recipe I used came from the Martha Stewart website and I used about 5 crepes to produce enough pasta strips to serve four people. I also trimmed the rounded parts of the crepes to square up the slices but it’s not really necessary. You can however use the offcuts to do a test run so no waste :)

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