Cupcake & Cornbread Day

Somewhat disturbed by the effect of blue colouring on one’s err… deposits, I chose to give fantasty coloured cupcakes a miss for a while. I decided to make some butterscotch cupcakes with just a hint of yellow and red colouring to bring out a pleasing (but natural) tinge. The recipe was basic: use of brown sugar instead of regular caster sugar, and mixing my frosting with swirls of butterscotch I did up in a small saucepan while the little cakes were baking away. I finally got a chance to use my supply of Hershey butterscotch chips which were rather pleasant.

The men folk enjoyed my effort but both commented that the cupcakes had a coffee flavour to it. Given my son is only six years old and shouldn’t know what coffee really tastes like, I was a bit baffled. I guess there may be some similar tones?

Butterscotch Cupcakes

I also had a hankering for cornbread ever since I read the recipe for it in Jamie’s America. I got together all the ingredients I had on hand and made up a respectable version adding mushroom and ham, and omitting chili. The recommendation was to eat the cornbread straight from the oven (which I did) and it was nice but a bit of an anti-climax. Dare I say, it needed a good dab of tomato sauce. The next day the cornbread was OK when microwaved on low but still needed sauce. I wasn’t terribly won over so chose to freeze the remainder as emergency food.

Corn Bread

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