Hello 2015!

I feel I’ve left it a bit late to be wishing everyone a Happy New Year here at Gastromony but hey, I’m sure we’re only just getting used to writing ’15 on cheques and the like. It’s hard to believe another year has passed and to be honest, I was pretty happy to see the end of 2014. It wasn’t an annus horribilis by any means, and I’m grateful for many things that happened, but I’m certainly yearning for a less eventful year.

I’m not sure how less eventful 2015 can be though given our house building is finally under way and we’ll no doubt be spending any spare time ensuring that the build is sound and as planned. Unfortunately we’ve had to move out of our giant rental house and into a smaller one this week so January has already proven to be a bit hectic. Fortunately we’ve settled into our new place quite easily and I’m getting quite adept at finding homes for various objects as well as disposing of overflow rubbish.


I did *some* cooking for our Christmas Eve supper with friends…

Needless to say I haven’t had much time to cook, much less blog about it. It saddens me to go from a weekly blogger to seeing a giant 2-month gap between posts. Unfortunately the last few months of 2014 were a write off and January sure hasn’t been conducive to foodie fun given I had to pack up all my kitchen stuff. I only just placed my beloved Thermomix on my new kitchen bench today. It’ll take some time to get used to a new cooking environment but I do have some recipes in mind.


We treated ourselves to a special Christmas Day lunch at Nobu :)


As for my other interests, I’m still making and selling doll’s hats which has turned into a very fun hobby. Given the butt-load of cash I’ve spent over the years on craft supplies, this hobby probably won’t be profitable for quite some time yet but at least I’m using stuff up! I’m hoping to get over to the Gold Coast this year for Blythe Fest.

Karate will start up again shortly and I’m looking forward to getting back into training. I’m enjoying teaching karate too and we’ll see how far we get this year with competing. My son is pretty keen to compete too so I see us running around madly getting from one club to another to maximise training. Indeed, he’ll be kept very busy with his various other pursuits as well as what the last year of primary school brings!


New Year’s Day noodles – A Japanese tradition.



And what will I be doing this year at Gastromony? I’m hoping to get back into my regular routine of posting recipes soon but I’ll be focussing on food that is quick, easy and healthy. That’s not to say that I won’t be including some indulgences here too but how and what I eat has to complement my lifestyle at the moment as well as that of my family. Naturally, the Thermomix will feature quite a bit in 2015 (and no, I won’t be getting the new one lol).

Well it’s 9:30pm and my children are still awake watching some Pokemon DVD. We’ve all had a hell of a week with the house move so quite frankly, I don’t care! I hope everyone else has been enjoying their summer so far though and I wish you all a lovely New Year. Bye for now :)

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