Vanilla & Green Tea Marshmallow

Every time I opened Elizabeth Falkner’s book Demolition Dessert I vowed to make my own marshmallow. Unfortunately I was always stymied by my lack of equipment and fear of boiling hot sugar. However, with the arrival of my beloved Kitchenaid stand mixer, there’s was no excuse not to get my own batch of fluffiness happening.

Green Tea Marshmallows

My verdict? Marshmallow’s aren’t hard to make! In fact, I highly recommend it and once you try it, you’ll find it hard to enjoy the bland lumps that are commercially-bought marshies. From what I have gathered, mass produced marshmallows are no longer made with egg whites which probably accounts for the lack of taste. As Falkner noted, marshmallows are indeed meringue mixed with gelatine and they should taste like it too.

Falkner’s book also includes a recipe for vegetarians using xanthan gum, as well as various flavour suggestions. I just made mine plain vanilla flavoured, and added a teaspoon of green tea powder to half of the mix. The end result was a nice swirly mix of white and green with a lovely subtle maccha scent and flavour.

Cook’s note: If your recipe for marshmallow refers to corn syrup and you can’t find any in Australia, you can safely use liquid glucose. Also, make sure you have loads of corn flour on hand to keep the marshies manageable!

Green Tea Marshmallows

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