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I think the hype surrounding molecular gastronomy has finally died down enough for it to no longer be considered a food fad. Thanks to Paleo, we can enjoy the amazing science of colour changing Gin & Tonics and nitrogen gas without fear of people accusing us of being try-hard foodies. They’re much too busy making fun of people cooking bone broth!


If your beloved foodie is a bit of a scientist at heart, gift them a molecular gastronomy kit (try the Molecule-R Cuisine R-Evolution Kit). These kits teach why certain ingredients cause food to change flavours or structure as well as a number of nifty tricks to make a dinner party extra fun (a la Heston Blumenthal, pre media saturation).

For the more experienced molecular gastronomists, check out the advanced kits and courses at Molecular Recipes or in Australia, Molecular Foods.

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